Starting a sustainable business in isolation- Will COVID-19 end fast fashion?

Cyd Ashbridge explores the problem of fast fashion and the importance of supporting small local business.

Do games ever handle LGBT+ representation well?

What counts as good representation and what counts as a token effort?

A Post-Pandemic Road Trip

The constant surge of coronavirus news and the uncertainty of when lockdown will end has left many of us with little to look forward to. Alas, the postponement of summer means that you’ll have to enjoy the luxuries of travel second-hand from home for now. However, the rumours of doubling flight prices in the future amid fears of long-term social distancing don’t […]

This weeks’ editorial from the General Editors.

Triumph of Klopp’s Heavy Metal Football: Liverpool win the Premier League for the first time!

Jurgen Klopp’s teams may play heavy metal football on the pitch, but his style of management-an emblem of patience, grit, structure, and heroic spirit-is more attuned to that of a Wagnarian Opera than anything else. Within 5 years he has turned a fumbling Liverpool side into a formidable force which has now reclaimed the league […]