Top 3 Art podcasts to listen to right now…

It’s the third lockdown, and well… there’s not much else to do! If you are need a break from Uni work, then why not check out these top 5 art podcasts…

Breaking: what the university isn’t telling us

Durham University believed to be carrying out ‘extraordinary’ experiments while students remain off-campus.

Looking At Grapes

In this compelling short story, Rannvá Hoydal explores a character who, despite trying to distract himself, is struggling to accept his own mortality.

7 podcasts to listen to for sex, love and gender (ranked):

Lily Webber ranks her favourite podcasts on love, sex, relationships and gender

Post-Brexit travel

After a year-long transition period, the UK left the EU at midnight on 31st December 2020. The 1246-page deal contains a plethora of information, but what will post-Brexit travel look like?

Persona 4 Golden on Steam: finally!

An excellent port of a classic, no longer trapped on a failed console

This weeks’ editorial from the General Editors.

Editor’s Note: Continuing on

Isabel C.Davis introduces this week’s Editor’s Picks and reflects on the start of the new term