A look back: Nebraska – Bruce Springsteen

When all is said and done, ‘Nebraska’ is a respectable, mature and often hard-to-sallow entry into Springsteen’s anthology.  This album is proof that, rather than being a cheesy American rock star, the Boss is actually a credible song-writer capable of making honest and unique songs that are both artistic and commercially successful. 

Re-examining Churchill’s Legacy

As the Confederate statue controversy highlights the extent of historical revisionism in the United States Harry Harischandra examines how in the figure of Churchill the UK has its own issues of historical sanitation to consider.

Director’s Note: The Bacchae

Christie Clark discusses the universality of her production of Euripides’ ‘Bacchae’, and the relevance of it to today’s society.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: another Witcher 3 analogy.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins delivers an accomplished deja-vu experience inspired from the best. Is it going to be the beginning of the end for the emblematic franchise?

Not a curry in sight – My Indian street food takeaway

Tantalising round up of my journey into the world of Indian street food

Blind Date: Kat and Charlie

This week, Kat, a blonde biochemist who’s returned to Durham for her fourth year, went on a date with Charlie, a fresher who’s been scouted for DU fashion show. They clearly found each other attractive, but perhaps we were too optimistic with the age difference…   Kat: ‘The first thing I thought when I saw Charlie […]