Phillip Schofield’s Coming Out: How Not to React

An opinion piece from Aisha Sembhi on how not to react to someone’s coming out, in light of mixed responses to Phillip Schofield’s recent coming out statement.

Review: Lost Connections

It is hard to know where to begin with a piece so rich with imagery, so full to the brim with content that it is ready to burst, so funny and yet so heart-wrenching that you walk out not knowing how you truly feel. Dorottya Farkas truly brought the diverse talent of Circus Vurma to […]

9 Ways To Avoid Capitalism This Valentine’s Day

Anna Stringer gives us her top 9 tips to avoid Capitalism this Valentine’s Day… 1. The Savvy Shopper  Take full advantage of half-price Valentine’s gifts on Feb the 15th. No lover? No problem. Never say no to cheap chocs. BOGOF? Yes please.     2. Canny Craft   Or better yet … make your date a gift they’ll never forget. I’m […]

Someday My Prince Will Come

Is it in our DNA to want to be rescued? Or can we attribute this to the hundreds of fairy tales where the beautiful princess falls victim to something or other? Is there no other way to catch a man’s attention but by needing his help?

Thoughts on Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Sometimes spin-offs are more than obvious cash-grabs

Oscars 2020: Politics of the Red Carpet

Aisha Sembhi explores the use of politicised fashion at the 92nd Oscars.

This weeks’ editorial from the General Editors.

Stay strong!

  This is the time of the year for us when assignments are due before Easter which means for most of us it is 2 or 3 deadlines before the Easter vacation. This could be a difficult time for many us especially for those who are in their final year and are working on their […]