Night Music #1: Singers by Mount Eerie

This is night music. Music that pierces, envelops, fades into dark.

Director’s Note: Spring Awakening

    Working on Spring Awakening has been the greatest honour and privilege. Spring has been my favourite musical since I discovered it in high school and its emotional honesty bowled me over. It is such a unique piece which manages to encapsulate all of the emotions of adolescence: angst, anxiety, loneliness, love, loss, and […]

We Will Remember Them: How World War One Shaped the Modern World

The 11th November 1918 saw the end of the ‘Great War’. An estimated 15-19 million people had been killed, a further 23 million military personnel had been wounded, and 8 million civilians had also lost their lives. How far was World War I a turning point for the way the world works today? The First […]

Year of change: women in the US midterms

Katie Fraser explores the impact of the US midterms on women in politics.

I’m not yet Ready for Hitman 2

Rowan’s not ready for a new Hitman

Cymru’s Cardiff: Why You Should Visit

Ever thought of crossing the Severn Bridge into Wales? The land of traditional costume and delicious cakes is also full of things to do.

This weeks’ editorial from the General Editors.

Apology to Angelos Sofocleous

After investigation, The Bubble wishes to apologise to Angelos Sofocleous for the process used to remove him from the roles Editor of The Bubble, for which Durham SU is the controlling body and the publisher. A complaint that correct and fair regulatory procedures were not followed in removing Mr Sofocleous from both groups has been […]