Donations for the Notre Dame, where have the world’s richest been hiding?

Donations for the Notre Dame, where have the world’s richest been hiding?

According to Reuters, after just two days of the disaster of Notre Dame Cathedral, the total of donations for rebuilding was reaching 900 million euros. As a history student, I am not lacking sympathy for the country in this difficult time. They are mourning the loss of a monumental landmark which has defined France and Paris’ history and culture. However, I cannot stand by and witness the praise which those who have donated are receiving for their overly generous donations to the cause when the world faces much more contentious humanitarian and environmental issues.

Emilia Bassano: Shakespeare’s Muse and Feminist Icon

If you are even slightly familiar with the sonnets of William Shakespeare, you will know that an elusive figure, referred to as the ‘dark lady’, is mentioned in many of the poems. Various women have been suggested as the name behind the sonnets and Emilia Bassano is one of them.

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