Soliloquy as Grimm’s Mermaid

Fluid, encompassing and vivid, this poem contains dream-like elements yet feels intrinsically authentic.

Review: Ooook! Productions’ ‘The Magistrate’

‘The Magistrate’ is a Victorian comedy, written by the playwright Arthur Wing Pinero in 1892. This is an unusual choice and the play was most famously turned into a silent film in the 1920s, which speaks volumes for its physical and slapstick style of humour. As the Director’s note correctly identifies, it has the feel […]

John Snow Winter Concert Review.

Review of the first John Snow College music concert – showcasing talent, dedication and a little bit of Christmas magic.

The Manifestation of Toxicity

‘It was a simple phone call that changed the dynamic of our relationship. Starting with his concerns in regards to the way I used to dress, he would say “Perhaps it’s just me [..]’

Adding the season’s festive colours to your look!

Advice on how to get into the holiday season and experiment with colour in your fashion and beauty routine!

The best of Nintendo Switch Online’s SNES games

Looking at some oldie but goldie games

This weeks’ editorial from the General Editors.

A Christmas Carol (Mashup)

How well do you know your Christmas song lyrics?