Review: Oklahoma

Ben Cartwright shares his thoughts on DULOG’s new Gala show, Oklahoma!

Who are you?-The Farewell Review

“The Farewell’s central theme is identity. It is not just losing her grandmother that Bili fears. She feels that by losing Nai Nai, part of her Chinese identity will fade away with her.”-Ábel Bede reviews The Farewell.

Jimmy’s locked up again

Following the unexpected closure of Jimmy Allen’s (or Jimmy’s) nightclub on Thursday, there is widespread anger and upset throughout Durham, with many students threatening drop out of university, or worse, go to Klute.

Exorcising the ‘perfect body’: Is negative body imagery haunting Student Fashion Shows?

The Bubble looks into how student fashion shows may be placing latent pressures on their models to conform to the so-called ‘perfect body’.

The Truth behind Sex

In my opinion, there is way too much emphasis and pressure placed on sex in our society – how, where and who are ‘doing it?’ I would not mind as much if people came back with more good experiences but barely anyone even wants to discuss sex. This has always blown (Pardon the pun!) my mind because how, if you were planning on having sex again, can you build upon those bad experiences and make them better? Sex is communication, sex is connection and sex is (and should always be, above all else) fun!

Budapest – A travel guide

Wondering where to go on your 2020 travels? Read on to discover why a trip to Budapest makes for an ideal European city break.

This weeks’ editorial from the General Editors.

Developing Countries like Bangladesh to lose significant percentage of GDP per Capita due to Climate Change

It is now clear that we are facing an existential crisis of climate emergency. The issue has turned into a question of whether we will be able to sustain prosperously within our planetary boundaries. In midst of all the debates and discourse surrounding climate crisis, it appears that many people dismiss the apocalyptic prophesy regarding […]