Review : ‘Late Night Comedy Lock-In’

The Late Night Comedy Lock-In show of December 5th was absolutely hysterical, and it made going all the way to the Assembly Rooms on a cold Sunday night worth it.

Was Margaret of Anjou as bad as Shakespeare said she was?

Shakespeare called her the “she-wolf of France” and a “hateful withered hag” but was Margaret of Anjou really as bad as that? I’d argue not and that it is time to reassess the misogynistic, xenophobic views that have led to her presentation as a stereotypical villain. Margaret was married to Henry VI of England and […]

The aromantic experiences of Jo March in ‘Little Women’

Magali O’Brien explores how Jo March’s narrative in ‘Little Women’ reflects the real life experiences of many aromantic people.

Go rogue and make your friends edible Christmas gifts this year!

Kate Langton explores the world of edible Christmas gifts and shares her favourite recipes for stained-glass biscuits, baileys fudge, and Christmas chutney!

The secret history of Coco Chanel

This article uncovers the dark relationships and affiliations that Coco Chanel had in order to elevate her iconic Coco Chanel empire.

Star sign compatibility: more complicated than it seems?

Jasmine Allum addresses common arguments surrounding the use of star signs in matchmaking, before delving into the complex history of the Zodiac. Should astrology influence our perception of romantic love, or does the idea deserve ridicule?

This weeks’ editorial from the General Editors.

Jolabokaflod and other festive traditions

Anna Stringer introduces the final editor’s picks of the year, and discusses festive traditions from around the world.

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