Best Books to Buy as Christmas Gifts in 2019

The festive season always rewards us with more time to read. Nothing beats the luxury of a paperback and a hot chocolate on a damp, dreary December day. So, why not gift your friends or family with the wonders of a bestseller this Christmas? Here are some ideas of what you might want to look […]

Soliloquy as Grimm’s Mermaid

Fluid, encompassing and vivid, this poem contains dream-like elements yet feels intrinsically authentic.

Review: Ooook! Productions’ ‘The Magistrate’

‘The Magistrate’ is a Victorian comedy, written by the playwright Arthur Wing Pinero in 1892. This is an unusual choice and the play was most famously turned into a silent film in the 1920s, which speaks volumes for its physical and slapstick style of humour. As the Director’s note correctly identifies, it has the feel […]

The Influence of Fashion on Political Perceptions

Emily Potts explores the misogyny of the media which has a detrimental impact on our perceptions as voters.

The Manifestation of Toxicity

‘It was a simple phone call that changed the dynamic of our relationship. Starting with his concerns in regards to the way I used to dress, he would say “Perhaps it’s just me [..]’

This weeks’ editorial from the General Editors.

A Christmas Carol (Mashup)

How well do you know your Christmas song lyrics?