Commentary: ‘A Day on the River’ by Vernon Scannell (Part 1)

Scannell foregrounds a wider theme of maturation through a gradual shift in his description of the river, conveying remembrance and the loss of an innocent childhood.

A Mirror to our Society: It All Comes Down at the Barbican

An exploration of the digital exhibition at the Barbican, ‘It All Comes Down’, with a focus particularly on the work of Becca Lynes and Sneha Alexander.

The 10 commandments of an introvert’s world: lockdown 2020-2021

The pre-pandemic world was designed for extroverts: nightclubs, parties, the expectation to get dressed and see other humans on a daily basis, the list goes on. One introvert presents 10 things they will miss about lockdown.

Can ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ outrun J.K.Rowling?

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is announced at a time when J.K. Rowling is more polarizing than ever. Is it possible for the game to escape the author’s controversies?

Travel trailblazers: Gertrude Benham

Meg Luesley discusses the largely forgotten, but nonetheless iconic, life of travel trailblazer Gertrude Benham.

The male gaze and the Chippendales

Lily Webber goes into the phenomenon of the Chippendales and what it might indicate about wider social norms

This weeks’ editorial from the General Editors.

Welcome back!

Isabel C. Davis introduces her editor’s picks for the week and reflects on entering her final term.