ALBUM REVIEW: The Loved Ones – Flyte

“Flyte’s highly impressive debut album has been long in the making. Patient indie fans like myself have anticipated the release of this record for some time now and it certainly has been worth waiting for.” George Mullins reviews Flyte’s recent efforts for The Bubble.


Prerana’s poem explores the myth of Narcissus, and whether he was actually looking at himself in the pool.

REVIEW: Blade Runner 2049

“Beautiful, suspense-filled and thought-provoking: a masterful sequel.” Ryan Yao-Smith gives his take on the highly-anticipated sequel, Blade Runner 2049.

The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had

  This week female Bubble readers reveal the best sex they’ve ever had. What’s so telling is the variety of stories that have been sent in. It seems that women regard great sex on opposing grounds- it’s either a wild experience that goes beyond their recognition of eroticism, or it’s a deeply loving connection, memorable […]

My experience of Myanmar: before the Rohingya crisis

Since returning from Myanmar a frequent question I’ve been asked is, did you see any foreshadowing of what was to come? Did I witness any signs? The truth is no.

Fresher’s Flu Soup – recipe

The perfect soup to guide you through your fresher’s flu