Director’s Note: Pippin

“infinite layers of meaning- a creative Pandora’s box. “- Courtney Power and Gabbie Sills discuss their production of ‘Pippin‘.

A Case of Malady, M’Lady: Love, Sickness and Desire

Last Thursday was Valentine’s Day, and while many will have been engaged in a day of celebrating love, I wonder just how many will have questioned how being in love changes the individual: physically and psychologically? Equally, one might ask, what about the absence of love, unrequited love, and the pang, perhaps, of a love […]

‘I, too’: marginalised American identities in poetry (part two)

All three poems allude to earlier poets. Ginsberg notably references Whitman, ‘the great national poet’[1]. Waggoner states this is not because of Whitman’s connections with patriotism but because he was a poet who reconciled being an American and being an outsider: ‘Whitman openly walked hand in hand with his love of country whilst at the […]

Chope blocks bill to protect children from FGM.

Katie Fraser looks at the impact of MP Chope’s objection to a private members bill intended make it easier to protect children from FGM.

Summatives vs Spain

Ellen reflects on her Summer trip to Barcelona instead of doing her Summative essays.

Games to Watch Out for in 2019

The Bubble Gaming team pick out our games to watch in 2019!

This weeks’ editorial from the General Editors.

How To Be Single

Even on Valentine’s Day