Lady Bird review: a touching tale on life’s imperfections

Lucy Woods commends Gerwig’s coming-of-age film Lady Bird for its unconventional, honest and witty handling of class and gender issues.

The staying power of Friends: Still raking in viewings after two decades

I’m currently shattered from a lack of sleep. Summatives? No. Staying up all night re-watching the entirety of Friends for the third time? Guilty. Friends first aired in September 1994. That’s also my brother’s birthday month. (He is now 23 with a big beard, and a job, in London; he’s  changed a lot, but Friends hasn’t […]

Review: Buttered Toast’s ‘The Crust’

Buttered Toast brings an original night of student comedy, drama and performance in its Epiphany Term showcase: ‘The Crust’

Don’t You Want Me? A Guide to Ghosting

What to do if you’ve been ghosted- Frances Senn gives the ins and outs of dealing with open-ended rejection.

Vegan Pancake Recipe

A delicious vegan treat, perfect for any time of they day

Christian Siriano: A breath of fresh air

I’ve entered into last-week-of-term liquidation; going home for the holidays is no longer a matter of relaxation but an absolute requirement if I’m to continue eating.  The thought of buying an item of clothing that didn’t begin its journey to me in a reduced section of the Missguided warehouse is laughable. Yet, a poor student […]

This weeks’ editorial from the General Editors.

End of Term Overview: the Biggest events of Epiphany term 2018

An overview of the biggest events of Epiphany term 2018 both locally and globally, plus our final Editor’s Picks of the week until Easter term.