We also offer the opportunity to have a regular column. This can cover any topic and can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or whatever pattern suits you. Email columns@thebubble.org.uk with a proposal for a column or any questions.

Editorial positions 

A couple of times a year The Bubble recruits new members to fill editorial and media vacancies. This typically occurs around the start of the new academic year. They will be displayed here and we will publicise them on our social media accounts. Previous editors have landed work experience and internships at the BBC, The Guardian, Sky News and Penguin Random House. Our current editorial vacancies are:

Science & Technology
Business & Economics
Everyday Politics
Student Life

What the job entails

What the job entails is responsibility (alongside any co-editors) for publishing one article in your section per week in your publishing slot. How you do this is up to you – you can either write yourself or source content from the student community. Most editors tend to predominantly prefer one style or the other – those that source most content from other Durham students spend longer on advertising, outreach and their email accounts, whereas those who prefer to write themselves simply make time to write and share the responsibility with their co-editors on a rotational basis. This is what you’re expected to do as a bare minimum – ideally you would also do a bit of advertising for the section and send out content calls, and if you’re passionate about making an impact then you can contact your General Editor and work on a project of your choosing, such as our last event by the politics section of Durham’s first ever Student Question Time. Handbooks on how to publish and more detail on the job specification will be sent to you after you apply.
Different sections offer different perks – our popular review sections, such as Drama and Music, can offer you free tickets to productions and venues in order to review for us.


How to apply:

If this opportunity appeals to you whether or not we are currently advertising the vacancies, don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing editor@thebubble.org.uk. However, if we are currently advertising open positions, please follow the instructions on how to apply that can be found on our social media.

Freelance Photography Positions

We also admit photographers, social media managers and amateur film-makers on a rolling basis.

What the job entails

As a Bubble photographer you will be a member of our Photography Team which receives photo requests to supply for articles. For example, and editor from our Politics section may approach the team with the theme of ‘election night’ or simply ‘politics’ and the Team Leader will then seek out which photographer can help with this project. This includes both being dispatched to take some photos according to a theme for a certain deadline (this will be decided by timetabling and availability, and all editors are aware that a time-frame of a few days warning minimum must be given) and also uploading any previous work you would like to showcase to our Bubble Photography archive for authors to browse.
This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your work, and The Bubble is very serious about proper accreditation – your work will be credited, and if you spot an author who has failed to do so, the General Editor will sort this out personally. A dedicated website where you can browse our previous photographers’ work and usage in article can be found here.

How to apply

If you’re interested in the platform The Bubble can offer you for this, contact photographyandmedia@thebubble.org.uk, or if we’re currently advertising open positions for photography, follow the instructions on how to apply on our social media or the dedicated website linked above.