The EU-UK Trade Talks: a Diplomatic Tightrope

After the prolonged and unceremonious staring contest between Britain and the European Union, it’s finally time for someone to blink. Indeed, even after all this time, extensive compromise will be the only way for the two parties to agree on the much sought-after trading agreement. The precariousness and vulnerability of this process, however, makes it […]

An Ode to Europe

  Europe, it is you to whom I write this ode;  Without you in my life, the future does forebode.   As the UK legs it, I’m left with only Brexit,  And with this ghastly fate, I’m increasingly irate.  I shed incessant tears for those forty-seven years,   As, without cease, the pain inside me sears.  But while my emotions are highly wrought,   I find solace in the hope of an Irish passport.  Plummet does the pound, as from Europe I […]

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