What to do if you’re Single and Hate Everybody this Valentine’s Day

It’s the favourite holiday of the year for card and naff present companies: pink and red (and grey, for this year especially) teddy bears are lounging in shops holding flowers and hearts and all other kinds of vomit inducing things that are essentially the plushy version of drinking sour milk. Couples have got their days […]

The Malbecs’ Return!

Student politics makes me laugh. Obviously all politics does, but for different reasons; they’re fracking entertaining. What strikes me about being an enthusiastic, albeit slightly too eager member of the student body, is that you can go from being an ambassador for what you believe in and having a vivacious debate about YUM cafe’s chilli balls, to the embodiment of petty particularities.Having to elect a Chair of a meeting so that the current Chair can chair-off because of a forthcoming declared interest in Chairing a different Chair as his current one is uncomfortable and splinters his C-hairy …

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