Keeping Up With Peanut Butter and Plants

It’s been a hectic first week of term. Whoever said that second year was the hardest is a liar, and I sincerely hope your pants are on fire. However, the week came to a close and its time to unwind. At least for a couple of days lest we loose faith in all of humanity, which I cannot afford to do… after all man created peanut butter. And peanut butter…well it fills the cracks of the heart. And so, I have chosen to let you in to the secret of complete zen. So crack open that jar of crunchy peanut butter with one hand, hold your silver spoon with the other and dig in. First, get a plant! I have recommended this to a number of friends, each time I get a dubious look or a ‘yea sure ill do that’ (which they never do). But trust me when I say it is the best investment I have made. I’m not being quirky or weird, but taking care of a plant is the best friendship you’ll ever make, they listen to you, don’t judge, and they’re pretty to look at—what more could a person need? Second enjoy your guilty pleasures, if you enjoy watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians on a Sunday night, go for it! It doesn’t matter that your flat mates make fun of Kim and her incessant crying and complaints (to be honest I can relate to it most of the time) just sit down grab your plant and watch American royalty in action. Finally, Look outside. Do it, is it raining? Is there just a ray of sunshine peaking through the sky? well enjoy it. Enjoy all the little things. And above all: All hail Lord Disick

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