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‘I, too’: marginalised American identities in poetry (part two)

All three poems allude to earlier poets. Ginsberg notably references Whitman, ‘the great national poet’[1]. Waggoner states this is not because of Whitman’s connections with patriotism but because he was a poet who reconciled being an American and being an outsider: ‘Whitman openly walked hand in hand with his love of country whilst at the […]

‘I, Too’: marginalised American identities in poetry (part one)

  History and narrative are intricately knotted together: narrative is ‘essential to the business of historical explanation’[1]as it allows us to ‘fill in the gaps and provide a smooth flow of change’ in a history where there are otherwise ‘radical discontinuities’[2]. Although history contains multiple presumably contradictory narratives, modern appreciations show there is usually a […]

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