A New Age of Comedy

In the past few years, we’ve entered a new era in comedy. The era of men in basements, playing snooker, with themselves. (Richard Herring- Me 1 vs. Me 2 Snooker)

Comedy Podcasts have grown exponentially in the last few years, comedians like Richard Herring and Stuart Goldsmith have pioneered the genre, gathering other, well respected, comics to talk about their careers, their process and ask “would you rather have a hand made out of ham, or an armpit that dispenses sun cream”.

If you are interested in comedy and wish to learn more about the discipline here are a couple of podcasts that should be high on your list:

1. Richard Herrings Leicester Square theatre podcast (RHLESTP!)

Herring takes a light hearted approach to the format, asking questions we all want to know the answer to, for example “would you rather have a hand made of ham, or an armpit that dispenses sun cream?” and “have you ever tried to suck your own cock?”. The Mark Thomas episode is a particular gem, other highlights include, Stephen Fry, Stewart Lee and Ross Noble.

2. Stuart Goldsmith Comedians Comedian Podcast

Goldsmith is a young circuit comic, and the podcast focuses on the “road warriors”, working comics who travel around the UK, performing week in and week out. Particular highlights Josie Long, Phil Jupitus and David O’Doherty.

3. Tom Rhodes Radio

Rhodes, is an american veteran. A fantastic comic, which more experience that almost any working comic. His relaxed conversations with some of the best international comics working are great listening. Highlights include Steve Hughes, Steven K Amos, Ed Byrne and Gina Yashere.

These should give you a good introduction to the world of comedy, enjoy!

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