My First Time

It’s the first snow day, It’s the first issue of term and it’s my first editorial at Flipside. This means I’m got another notebook from paperchase, I’ve got another gmail account and I’ve got another another twitter account which may or may not be used for stalking the entire Buzzfeed LA staff, coming up with hilarious hashtag puns and getting involved in One Direction fan fights #Zaynismybae

New Year equals new opportunities, new fear about not getting job and more importantly my college ball which for the first time ever, I am not involved with in anyway. Because I can’t actually get into my dress, I’m also exercising regularly for the first time since birth. If you see a plum-coloured sweaty face moving only marginally quicker than a slow walk, please be kind.

The only thing that has stayed the same is that Janurary is still awful :drab, dreary, very little to do except summatives and watch Broadchurch. Which is amazing actually. Screw that Janurary is amazing #DefinitelyNotBoredchurch

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