Deciphering party-goers from their choice of drink

A guide

If you find it difficult to get a vibe from the party crowd, decode them using this guide. Drug use and drink mixing alter the result but if you’re on the piss too it’s all relative…

Draft beer: Casual, easy going and almost broke. Develops goggles early into the night, use this to your advantage.

House red: Sophisticant.

Sauvignon Blanc: Culture vulture.

Mojito: Minty fresh.

Glenfiddich: Over 45 or just a douche.

Remy Martin XO: Having a nightcap and genuinely going to bed.

Jägerbomb: Having one last nightcap and not going to bed for the next 3 hours.

White Russian: A white Russian.

Flaming Sambuca/ tequila slammer: The life of the party.

Guinness: You’re at a St. Paddy’s Day party, or this person is iron-deficient.

Rum: Dutty wining is imminent.

Multiple quaddies: Parties like a boss.

Non-alcoholic beverages: For women: She’s pregnant. For men: He’s pregnant.

Absinthe: A drucking funk.

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