To wear a coat or not to wear a coat?

I can never quite work out whether its coat weather yet! Especially in Durham, its coat weather when you step outside, but 10 minutes later you’ve built up a sweat and its almost T-shirt weather. Maybe this week I’ll judge the temperature perfectly and have the perfect amount of layers! What have you been doing to stay creative recently? Articles featuring recipes seem to be ever so popular recently, I wonder whether anyone has tried and tested the steps featured in this weeks article? Whether its reading, cooking, an interesting podcast or article I almost live for that non academic aspect of my day. But then again, maybe its not the non academic part, its the knowing I’m doing something for pleasure. A book can still be academic, but reading it at your own pace not frantically writing down every reference is another kind of pleasure! That complete break from essay plans and applications, where your mind just immerses itself into a podcast, series, article, or simply a phone call with a friend or family. Staying connected it seems doesn’t have to always mean there is someone by your side, perhaps now more than ever the background noise of the radio or an episode of Desert Island discs going is more needed than ever. What’s your favourite kind of background noise? Anyway to wear a coat or not to wear a coat- I wonder what this week’s weather has in store! Have a lovely week and enjoy the Editor’s Picks!

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