The scariest Halloween of all time

It’s that time of year again when the clocks go back and all of a sudden it feels like there are only 3 hours of daylight to every 21 hours of darkness. The festivals that normally get us through this time of year, Halloween, Christmas, even New Year’s, are not going to look the same with the restrictions of the pandemic, and so we need to get a bit creative thinking about how we can celebrate and pass the winter, while still staying safe. The panic which ensued after it was suggested that students might not be allowed home at Christmas shows how much we all rely on the familiarity and tradition of these rituals in times of instability. Admittedly, Halloween does not have the same significance, it is not associated with being with family, and after childhood for many becomes a depressing celebration of binge drinking and sheep-mentality driven costumes. For me, I am more than willing to sit this Halloween out, in any case there is truly nothing scarier than the thought of going out and being breathed on by some drunk ‘Joker’ or ‘Spice Girl.’

If you are like me but still want to mark this festival and get into the seasonal spirit, why not watch one of Isabella Brier’s picks for spooky TV shows instead!

Your Halloween watchlist for 2020

Image by AntMan3001 available on flickr under C.C.








Durham University has been in the press a lot recently, more often than not in a negative light, and so this week Livia Dove-Woods comments on their attempts at outreach and increased social inclusion.

Do Durham’s programmes to aid inclusion for North East students work?: A perspective from a Supported Progression student.

Image: Gary Campbell-Hall on Flickr











Grace Sowrey also analyses the plight of the north in her article, taking a look at the government’s attitude and Andy Burnham’s leadership.

Coronavirus: the government vs. the north

Image: NHS Federation on Flickr












Alternatively, branch out and appreciate something different with Konstantina Votsika’s feature on artist Donald Judd.

Introducing Donald Judd at MoMA.

1. Courtesy Museum Of Modern Art, New York. © Judd Foundation/Artists Rights Society (Ars), New York.











Last but not least, Sophie Goschen discussion of a much-needed new approach to dating in the era of Covid-19.

The new definition of dating

Artist: Roy Scott at illustration source










Image: Sudan Ouyang on Unsplash

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