Editor’s note: 22 lessons from 22 years

The other day someone said to me ‘well at least you’re not a March birthday, its looking like they’ll be having 2 in lockdown.’ It took me a while to work out quite how I felt about this, because strangely enough, although celebrating my birthday in lockdown this January is quite the contrast to having been in Canada last year, I *almost* don’t mind… I think we can all relate to being grateful for the small things this year?! Here’s 22 things I’ve learnt from 22 years:

1- So I don’t quite remember being born so this isn’t something I learnt at the age of 1, however I’ve learnt how grateful I am for my family, my parents, their values and something many may take for granted- having a safe home to turn to no matter what and no matter when!

2- Nor did I learn this when I was two years old, but again, here it is: don’t take your health for granted! Health is nurtured from a young age 

3- Again, not quite sure I remember being three, but this one comes as I was probably getting ready to start school- appreciate the education around you… that may be books, museums, school of course, or perhaps something more creative like learning from our surroundings- like signs in parks telling you the history of things! 

4- Play outside!!! I’m sure I must have started riding a bike with stabilisers at this age and maybe got my first scooter- lockdown has definitely taught us that play is so important, exercising outdoors without going for is something many of us as children used to live for

5- Reading is a beautiful thing! Remember when you were younger and your mum had to tell you to turn your light off but you just wanted to finish that chapter? I definitely do! But not everyone has the luxury of accessing books, so if you do, cherish them and take a book to bed rather than your phone (that’s definitely a new years resolution I need to work on)

6- The only moment that counts is the current one, as change is the only constant– worrying never achieved anything (again, another one I need to work one)

7-18- Time flies! So I don’t want this list to go on forever and ever and lose my readers in the process so 7-18 represents ‘time flies’ because isn’t it so weird looking back at your school years and thinking how you’ll never get them back and whilst they may have felt like they went on and on at the time, for me atleast I don’t understand where that time went and how it feels so distant!

19- Learning from others is the best education– people can teach you all sorts of things and only by challenges yourself, being uncomfortable and asking questions can you grow and see things from a different perspective

20- Cooking new things is a wonderful way to spend your time!

21- Being kind never gets boring, maybe you can say you’ve done enough exercise for the day, but can you really say you’ve ‘done’ enough kindness for the day?

22- Expect the unexpected! Cliché, but hasn’t the past year taught us that? You really do never know, accept you can’t control things and hopefully you’ll feel more free!


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