Landscape Photography: Tips and Inspirational Work

There are numerous photographers in landscape photography, and especially during the lockdown, it is the perfect opportunity for people to experiment with their camera in nature. Beauty can be anywhere, and it is also the ideal opportunity to take a morning walk and observe the nature of English landscapes. Todays’ topic will focus on Jim Richardson, Max Rive, and Charlie Waite.

Jim Richardson is a very famous photojournalist working for National Geographic since 1984. He was already working for fifteen years when he covered the Great Salt Lake topic for National Geographic Magazine in 1984. He booked a trip, took his vacation days and what happened: his first story in National Geographic in June of 1985. He is known for his exploration in small cities depicting everyday life. He has travelled worldwide exploring volcanic peaks, outer islands, beautiful valleys, and abandoned villages with his camera. Together with National Geographic, they also organize photography expeditions and the next one will be a ten-day trip to the Norwegian Fjords and Scottish Isles Voyage in April. He admits that the secret behind a good photography session is curiosity and research.

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Next on our list is Max Rive. Through hiking, Max Rive has been able to photograph some of the most amazing places worldwide. Originally from the Netherlands, he has been shooting pictures for over ten years now. Rive admits that landscape photography combines two passions: his love for sports and creative thinking. He never aspired to be working in an office, five days a week and instead desired to travel the world with his camera, full-time. His style is a bit dark and often experiments with lighting, creating atmospheric landscapes. His favourite location and my famous collection of pictures are Patagonia. Patagonia offers a combination of unique elements of nature, enhancing a photographer’s portfolio greatly.

Charlie Waite is the next photographer in our list. Waites’ work is one of the leading landscape photographers. Born in 1949, he has worked in British Theatre and Television for over ten years. His style includes serenity and calmness. In 2007, he also launched UK Landscape Photographer of the Year (Take A View) an annual international photography competition to find the “UK’s Landscape Photographer of The Year. Apart from the competition, he has also created a leading photographic workshop called Light and Land. I think this would be my getaway excursion as soon as it possible with the newest restrictions.


Taking inspiration from the photographers’ work, as mentioned above, here are some tips to inspire you to take stunning images of nature.


Use Foreground Elements:

Instead of taking the picture, as usual, try to include close-ups of leaves, buildings, in combination with a vast landscape image.


Using the Right Shutter Speed:

Picking the appropriate shutter speed will change the way you shoot pictures. Depending on the place you are shooting, try to experiment with different shutter speeds.


Research your Location:

Getting out early can change the lighting of your pictures. Try to be there early to prepare to shoot during the golden hour and the opposite, during the sunset.


Shoot the Same Location during Different Seasons:

One of my favourite tips. You can see changes depending on the season you are shooting. Sometimes, you may not even recognise the landscape you have previously shot. Try experimenting.


I hope these tips gave you some inspiration and hopefully, we will be soon able to go out in groups and organise photography expeditions.

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