The biggest (figurative) dick in the animal kingdom

Behold, the Queen of Dickery. After having done killing coalitions, kidnapping, rape and the cold-blooded murder of innocent babies, most decent human beings would have stopped deliberately exploring the most depraved examples of animal behaviour and salvaged what’s left of their tarnished soul. As it so happens, all of us at Flipside sold our souls […]


–”If you’re like me, you may have always found, that the idea of tying a bow tie, was slightly intimidating! … what I’m gonna do for you guys today, is show … First off, you put the bow tie round your neck like this. You gotta leave one side longer’n the other, and I personally like to keep the left side longer, my left, so as you’re watching this the one on your right; but you may prefer it the other way, try it out and see which you prefer.”MNNNFG.Six minutes late.–”You tie the two …

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