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come in, fling the headband aside, take one checked shirt, take a stand, make it count makeitreal papi. weetabix on the side board that will be one clean wholesome sunny morning. Take one glass of water. All along the western front, people line up to receive, move amongst, huggy wug, someone you like, standing there with nothing on, such a clear head, German precision, remember that goal you once scored in off the post -.

In the bedroom, there’s someone oscillating, coming near, bending and straightening.
This is what he says: you physics yeah?
This is what you say: No I’m English; I’m Economics.
physics? Yeah I’m Swiss. Cool. You know when you map one of those DRT lines onto a plane graph, whats the function used that you call. What do you call the function that you use
Sine wave?
no not a sine wave, something else,
Can’t you do that with a sine wave?
You probably can do it with a sine wave but thats not what i mean
(Pricking.) Something wicked this way comes. Look down. There is a girl with her mouth around your arm. She is looking up at you.
wHat! //////
You can’t bite me. Don’t bite me.

Look at your arm, you. Looks a bit red. Teeth marks. Sharked. ‘OH WHY am I as fat as you’ she says, looking at your arm.
You look around. One is looking at you very steadily, her mouth half open, smiling. Not stupid – twinkling quietly. But completely still. Brainslowed surely. There is too much analytic power in your eyes for her. Lower your gaze. like the sun clouding itself to spare a faraway child looking up.
Lie back on the bed. What a clear head. O sweet mother natural tiredness will embrace you. The flushing head of OH WHY tumbles down next to you. Camera passed round. this is what the world is for, making electricity.

You’re dancing now, you can move. Just got to be in the mood! How can you even do that without alcohol. All the prinkers fall in at your side, you are a man you are mountain what exultation, oh they are vomming in that box,
The poor you will always have with you, but oh lord they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven. When you have achieved nirvana, then come surely as you are, nothing matters anymore. No more delights of the flesh, nothing but weetabix in the cold sun of the morning.

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