The tragedy of Ophelia: Breaking her silence

It came to my attention while sitting in an English lecture on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, in which my lecturers dove into Hamlet’s existentialism and quest for revenge, that this play was being approached from a rather narrow perspective, focusing more on the exploits of the male tragic hero, and paying little attention to the other victims […]

The 16th Anniversary of Bashys ‘Black Boys’ echoing a still relevant message of “Ooh child things will get brighter…” to working-class communities.

You might know Ashley Thomas from Top Boy where he played Sully’s cousin Jermaine, or the TV seasons Great Expectations (BBC One) and Them (Amazon). However, Ashely Thomas has links across arts and culture spanning over many years. What you may not know is that the actor is also known as UK rapper Bashy. 16 […]

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