Ed Fringe Review: an exciting writing opportunity for Durham students

This year Charlie Butler, Molly Knox, and myself, will take forty students to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, for an exciting opportunity to watch, and review theatre. Could it be you? Read further to find out how to apply.

Ed Fringe Review is a student-run reviewing organisation. Specialising in amateur, free and student theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, each year the company takes a fresh cohort of budding students up to Edinburgh, for the chance to watch and review two shows per day. What promises to be an intense 5-day writing experience, the company provides students with the opportunity to see theatre beyond the university scene.

As part of the experience, you will live in a flat together for five nights, along with eight other viewers, two editors (Charlie and Molly) and the marketing manager (yours truly). There we will live together, eat together, and write together. Not only does this allow you to bond with like-minded individuals, but it also means you will form life-long friendships with people scattered all around the country. Along with plenty of opportunities for café trips and meanders around the city, Ed Fringe Review promises to be a hard work, but intensely rewarding process.

Furthermore, our reviewers will take part in our various publicity campaigns, from social media advertisement, to in person ‘flyering’ on the Royal Mile. This gives our reviewers the opportunity to further their digital marketing skills, something essential for a future career in journalism and media. Not only does this give you something to put on the CV (who doesn’t want that?), but it also promises to be a lot of fun.

As someone who has taken part in the Ed Fringe Review programme for two years running (this being my third!) I cannot recommend it enough. What really struck me when I first arrived in Edinburgh two years ago, was the community spirit of the editorial and writing team. And although the process was, undoubtedly, a challenging one, I was also surprised by the work-life balance. From meals spent together, to nights out in the city, at no point did the process ever feel arduous. In fact, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life! And it can be for you too.

To cover the cost of food and accommodation (along with other goodies such as the classic red EFR jumper and tote bag), we will be asking for a payment of up to £190 should you be successful in your application. There is the chance that these prices may go down, depending on flat prices in August. If you wish to find your own accommodation in Edinburgh, there is also the opportunity to be an out-of-house reviewer, for which we will be charging the decreased price of £30.

So what are you waiting for? Applications are now open! Make sure you email edfringereview1@gmail.com as quickly as possible, to receive your application form. The deadline for applications is midnight Sunday 12th February. We hope to hear from you soon.

Ed Fringe Review

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