Welcome to 2018 and a New Term

It’s a new year and we’re back at it again here at The Bubble and at university in general. I hope you’ve all had a restful Christmas break and feel refreshed and ready to juggle your social life and deadlines again (may Lady Fate be on all our sides).

As we all unfortunately know, it’s summative season and as such the Editor’s Picks this week reflect that; they’re mellow, fun and encourage procrastination.

For those bargain hunters we have an article to help you navigate those January sales with our 15 best online bargain recommendations. We also have a review of the legendary Seussical the Musical of Durham, for those who want to escape academic realities into the world of fantasy. For those who prefer to stay inside and cuddle up with snacks and a good video-game, with have our Gaming editor’s review of Breath of the Wild as well as his top recommendations for games being released in 2018.¬†Or if you love games but prefer the old-fashioned, we have our release on the famous board games of Asia; familiar, but refreshing.

But if you’re too busy having a Durham-induced existential crisis for that, and you’re praying for a miracle on your essay, ask yourself: are miracles possible?

May your grades soar like this butterfly

I wish the very best start to the new term and look forward to showing you the best The Bubble has to offer.

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