‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly…and also relieved as the term is coming to an end and we can all use some time off. As the academic year draws to a close, we’re all preparing to indulge in some of our favourite yuletide activities. Consequently, this week’s Editor’s Picks are all themed around things we love to do at Christmas; watch sports and reality TV, go to the theatre, go out with friends, family and lovers on Christmassy dates and for the bookworm inclined curl up with a recent novel or an old tome.

This Week's Editor's Picks:

Olivia McCann – Putting the ‘Real’ into the Reality – the Inspirational Stars of Reality TV in 2018

Image courtesy of the Telegraph

Our TV editor Olivia takes us through some of the best characters to grace our reality TV sets in 2018, including their best hilarious and emotional moments.

Max Schafheautle-Evans – Why the Next Season of the Premier League will be VARy Exciting

Max explains how the addition of the Video Assistant Referee could curtail countless errors in the next Premier League season, despite other damning indictments.

Catriona Inglis – Review: Something Dark

If you’re looking to step out and experience some student theatre this festive season, get yourself down to the DSU to see more productions like Lion Theatre Company’s Something Dark. The play covers a monologue written by Lemn Sissay, a poet from Manchester, describing his experience growing up in the care system as a black man.

Riana Dixon – A Guide to the Perfect Christmas Date

Our Sex & Love editor gives an incredibly useful guide of cute day-trips ideas and romantic activities to do with your beau this Christmas.

Niccolo Balducci – A Brief History of Italian-British Relations

If you’re looking to catch up on a bit of recreational history this Christmas (I’m looking at you Durham University History Department) give Niccolo’s article a read, outlining the close relationship between Britain and Italy that is sometimes forgotten.

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