The stress hair cut

Maybe it’s just a me thing, but almost consistently without fail every term I’ve been at university, I get stressed, and for some reason think I can rectify this stress, not with a trip to the Billy B to actually write that essay, but rather, mess with my hair.

I’ve had trims, full-blown haircuts, my hair dyed multiple shades, and even at a low point in first year, a slit eyebrow (that I could not pull off AT ALL…)

So, if, like me, you hit stress and find yourself with a sudden deep urge to do something with your hair, here are some incredibly simple things, that I really (really) wish I had clocked onto earlier.

Invest in some actual hair scissors (they’ll be with you for life), and you won’t have to put up with blunt ones taken from the communal kitchen draw (sorry housemates).

Also, read the instructions on the box of that hair dye you’ve bought, the two minutes it takes to scan the packet will save you from that dreaded orange hair that was meant to be blonde.

And find yourself a friend or housemate that is happy to do the haircut for you; even if they’re no hairdresser, they’re probably better at cutting the back of your hair than you are.

Another thing I wished I’d known is that semi-permanent dye isn’t semi-permanent on everyone…A lockdown impulse of dying the ends of my hair hot pink, resulted in a 4-inch haircut 2 months later, when the supposedly ‘8 wash dye’ was still firmly on my head.

Oh and finally, please please please, think twice about that slit eyebrow (mine is still in recovery two years later).

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Image credit: Sally Nakai, via The Bubble Photodrive

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