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This is the time of the year for us when assignments are due before Easter which means for most of us it is 2 or 3 deadlines before the Easter vacation. This could be a difficult time for many us especially for those who are in their final year and are working on their dissertation. 

Yes, working on our research papers can both be an exciting and a daunting experience. But then again, resistance and pushing oneself to get the motivation can take us a long way ahead. For those who are losing motivation or those regretting that they have procrastinated way too much all year round, it is important that we keep in mind that we all still have enough time to get productive and produce a good paper. This is the perfect time to set our mind into all those research papers and do well in our exams. 

Surely, there is a lot going on regarding university strike actions and some of our professors and lecturers might be going on strikes. All of this issues might make us more stressed and depressed, however, I hope the university will figure it out so that students’ results do not get affected by this. 

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