Soliloquy as Grimm’s Mermaid

The sea sang

– and I heard it. 

Answered its call. 

Ran barefoot down the beach, 

Feet echoing along the trails 

Of old newspapers 

And yesterday’s chips 

And heard the sound of giving up. 

There was silence all around. 

It wrapped itself over me. 

A blanket of night and stars and dark. 

And in it

It was just I

Just I and the sea. 

It whispered for a while. 

Softly at first. 

Until I was cold enough to shout back. 

Something rippled 

A shard of moonlight, 

Stuck between my lungs. 

I coughed on it. 

Choked until it squeezed its way out 

Through my blood. 

I hummed along the ripples. 

And the water. 

And the light. 

Until I broke my way out of myself. 

One thousand waves apart 

The atoms of my soul 

Grew and split


Ran along the crests 

Until I was nothing more than sea foam. 


Featured image by Mehgan Heaney-Grier. Available on Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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