Preview: A Traveller’s Tale


Durham Castle is perhaps the perfect setting for Durham Opera Ensemble’s ‘gap yah’ love story – it will certainly be a familiar tale to many of its residents. DOE’s latest offering, A Traveller’s Tale, is a devised show that promises to take its audience across the world in (not quite) eighty operas.

As expected, the music in A Traveller’s Tale is something special. You don’t need to be an opera fan to enjoy this show – there are plenty of familiar tunes in there for everybody. This cast have stunning voices and are supported by a wonderful orchestra, moving so seamlessly between pieces that you wouldn’t even know that the songs are all from different operas.

Directors Alabama Jackson and Ava Merrell have put this show together from scratch. It takes us from A-level results day to bullfights in Spain, an epic global love story told through a series of letters home. There is something for everybody here – comedy, drama, and some glorious top notes.  The script (also written by the directors) pulls the various strands of the story together – whilst many of the songs are not in English, the expert direction from this experienced pair ensures that we can always tell what is going on and where protagonists Lily and Ben are on their adventures.

If you’re looking for a show with complex hidden meanings, perhaps A Traveller’s Tale isn’t for you. However, it’s an evening of beautiful music, fun sketches and a classic story of love against all odds. This show will be the perfect escape from the dark, cold winter nights in Durham – do yourself a favour, buy a ticket and ‘find yourself’ in Castle Great Hall on Friday and Saturday night.

A Traveller’s Tale is on at 8.30pm, 16th- 17th November in the Castle Great Hall.

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