In conversation with: ‘Our House’

Director Lucy Enright discusses the process of TCMS’s ‘Our House’, gender-blind casting and what she wants the audience to take away from the production.

Set the premise (for those who don’t know).

Someone tried to make the music of Madness into a coherent plot, and this is what happened! The show opens on Joe Casey’s 16th birthday, when he tries to impress the girl he likes by breaking into some local flats to show her the view. They’re caught and he’s faced with the dilemma – will he stay and be caught, or run and escape? The show explores the consequences to both through two timelines with the help of the ghost of Joe’s father.

How has the process been? Since you started preparing after exams?

Incredibly hectic! I’ve never directed something of this scale before, and never in two weeks! The sheer number of musical numbers in the show has been a handful but our MD and choreographer have been incredible in managing to get complex, brilliant work into such a rushed show.

How have you made the show unique to your production?

A degree of gender-blind casting has meant that our show has far more LGBT+ representation than the original show – not tough when the original show has none! This is definitely something I wanted for the show so it’s been brilliant to have everyone so willing and eager to work with me to diversify in this way. Emmo singing ‘My Girl’ to her girlfriend’s flannel shirt is a particular highlight.

One aspect of the show you worked really hard on and are excited for the audiences to see?
The dances in this show are incredible. If I didn’t know, I wouldn’t they’d all been put together in two weeks!! Our choreographer is amazing.

What would you like the audience to take away?
I want them to leave smiling, more than anything! The show is about making good choices and respecting others. I like to think the main theme and what is most enduring in the show is how much the people around Joe love and support him. The main star of the show is the music, though, so I hope people go away humming!

‘Our House’ is on at 7.30pm, Sunday 17th- Tuesday 19th June at Trevelyan College.

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