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Philosophising love

I googled ‘corporate values’. What came up was ‘integrity’, ‘creativity’, ‘diversity’. I applied for a job. My social image is good. I googled ‘friendship qualities’- ‘trust’, ‘care’, ‘loyalty’. This I think I can deliver. When googling ‘love’ I found nothing concrete. I ‘askgoogled’ my google phone. Nothing. Then I ‘askgoogled’ to recite me Sonnet 130. […]

The technical revolution is coming, hold on to your minds…

Sure, the internet is a marvellous thing. We can find answers more quickly, we can access swathes of material with the click of a button, and people are reading more. But are we reading in the same way? An interesting article published by Nicholas Carr entitled, “Is Google making us stupid?” would say no, we are […]