Review: ‘Death’ by Hild Bede Theatre

To take a play from one of America’s most iconic comedians (Woody Allen) and gel 19 Freshers into an effective unit is a rather tall order, and yet debut director Lauren Brewer has managed to mastermind something both entertaining and thought-provoking at Hild Bede Theatre company. Focusing on the insanity and anxiety of an urban […]

Review: FHTC’s ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’

Entering the modest and unassuming venue of Kenworthy Hall at St. Mary’s College, with its simplistic set-up blurring the lines between stage and audience, may not have led some to expect the delicious performance to follow. However, to those familiar with Oscar Wilde’s subversive work, it may have surfaced in retrospect; through the course of […]

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