The Best Thing to do with a Bagel

The Best Thing to do with a Bagel: A tasty twist on bread pudding

Easy, quick and delicious!

This is spectacular. I think it is generally accepted that bagels are the best type of bread. Nothing beats them. For Ultimate Frisbee players, to bagel another team is the greatest display of superiority. To the rest of the population, they are just great for brunch or a cheeky snack at 3pm in the afternoon. This, however, blows anything you have done with a bagel out of the water. It is stunning. A kind of bagel pudding. It is crunchy on the outside, moist in the middle. Absolutely gorgeous. And at the time of writing, they are on offer in Tesco! Such fun!


  • 1 bagel
  • 5 pudding spoons milk
  • 1 egg
  • Brown sugar
  • Jam


So when you cut a bagel you usually slice from the edge inwards, all the way through. Not this time! Grasp the bagel and then open it up from the middle, but do not separate – it should look like a car tyre. Then stuff the inner tube bit with butter and brown sugar.

Pop the bagel in the ramekin, pressing down so that it is snug and touching the bottom. Pop a large teaspoon (or two) of jam in the hole. Now put an egg and the milk in a mug/glass/vessel and beat with a fork until all combined. Pour the milk over the bagel; start by filling the hole and then cover the top.

The fact that you have created the “tyre” means that the milk will soak into the inner dough and permeate towards the edge.

Sprinkle some brown sugar over the top.

Cook for 10 mins at 175 degrees. Eat!

Find this recipe and more on the Barking Baking website.

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