Farage: “Terrorism may be bad”

“But immigration is surely worse for Britain”

This week Nigel Farage has supported young British Muslims leaving the country to fight in the Middle-east on the grounds that it will help alleviate the UK’s high immigration levels. In a statement this week, Farage argued that the terrorist acts committed by IS are the lesser of two evils when immigration is considered. He further claimed that, thanks to previous “weak” Labour and Tory governments, Britain is no longer an attractive target for terrorism, stating specifically that:

By divulging more and more political power to the bureaucrats in Brussels and adopting an open-door policy towards immigration, Labour and the Tories have created a situation in which Britain is now seen as a declining power among terrorist gangs like IS and is even seen by them as ‘unbombworthy’.

Farage accepts that it is not desirable to be a target for terrorist attacks but notes that this is “symptomatic of the weak political establishment in this country that they can’t even sustain the worst aspects of being a powerful country”.

Following the beheading of James Foley, Farage proposed that any people leaving Britain to join IS should be stripped of their citizenship so if one of them does commit a terrorist attack Britain is no longer responsible since the perpetrator isn’t technically British.

Farage added that UKIP is the only party in line with public opinion on this issue because, he claimed:

If you speak to the average John on the street they are more worried about losing their job to an immigrant than an IS terrorist attack.

When asked about his views of intervention against IS, Farage explained that it is typical of multiculturalist dogma in this country to think we can go over into other cultures and somehow improve them. He continued that IS’s culture is clearly incompatible with Britain’s and so an intervention is simply a despairing attempt at multicultural political correctness.

However, if it came down to putting troops on the ground, Farage is very clear that it would have to be British people who fought IS and not any local groups in Syria or Iraq, he stated:

Not only does training up groups like the Kurds and Syrian Free Army lose decent combat jobs for decent British people but it also damages the quality of the military out there because these groups will never be as skilled as the British soldiers.

He went on:

I mean, you wouldn’t trust an immigrant to make tea and coffee as well as an honest British-owned café, would you?

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