The thing about house plants

Image: Peter Thacker on The Bubble’s Photography & Illustration Drive

It’s no secret that I don’t have a great track record with house plants, and I’m not proud to say that almost every house plant ever entrusted to my care has met a rather unfortunate demise. At this point I’ve tried it all – desperately googled “hard-to-kill plants”, drawn up elaborate watering schedules, and jotted down tips from fellow plant enthusiasts – but never to any avail.

I started term with a healthy dose of optimism (and seeds), hopeful that this would finally be the year my plants would survive. It started off well, but as the academic work started to mount, so did the number of wilting plants clinging to life on my windowsill. Impressive plant collections proudly displayed in windows around Durham are a constant reminder of my ineptitude of the garden-variety and, now eight weeks into term and however many plants down, I’ve started to realise that perhaps gardening is just not my thing. 

Whilst I could easily (and for my plants’ sake, probably should) throw in the trowel and admit defeat, I’m adamant that you do not need to be good at a hobby to take pleasure in it. In an academic environment like Durham, it’s noticeable when everyone seemingly has something they excel at, and it can be easy to feel inferior. But what does it matter how good we are at something, so long as we like doing it? So, I’ll keep growing, overwatering, and most likely burying my house plants, quite happy in the knowledge that I enjoy it.

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Featured image: Jamilla Smith-Joseph on The Bubble’s Photography and Illustration Drive.

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