Online interviews, getting enough sleep and the digital detox

A short editor’s note from me this week- but I thought I’d share some of the questions that have been running through my head the past few weeks?

Are online interviews better/ worse than in person ones? This week I’ve had 10 hours worth of assessment centres and I’m still trying to work out whether having them behind a screen from the comfort of home was a better offer than having them in person! I wonder what others think? Not to mention the art of balancing university work with planning for the future, regardless of not having to travel far for interviews at the moment, that is not to say they are any less exhausting in their own right!

Secondly, how much sleep is enough sleep? I think the exhaustion of the past week has led me to wonder how much sleep is the optimal amount, and is sleeping too much simply just the route to making yourself more tired? Apparently a regular sleeping pattern is crucial and you should try to sleep and wake up at the same time every night- something I definitely need to get better at!

Another thing I keep telling myself to do is to minimise screen time before bed, again, I’ve read that ideally you should be away from all screens at least a few hours before you go to sleep… something I could definitely get better. I’m especially guilty of screens before bed after an unproductive day which I try to make up frantically in the evening trying to write a few lines of my dissertation. 

On a more positive note- the things I’ve enjoyed this week: running through Durham in the evenings (yes, even in the rain- strangely I find that particularly satisfying!), cooking… whilst its easy to make the same few things all week, making the effort to cook something slightly different has been extremely enjoyable, I’m a firm believer in there always being time for things like cooking, exercise and downtime. Finally, I’ve been trying to read a few pages each night before bed (meaning a book that isn’t a required reading for my course) and ah, I would recommend!

So… I guess its about balance: being mindful of our daily practices, ensuring we make time for the things we love or know will do us some good whilst also embracing those things that may be slightly less enjoyable, albeit interviews or assignments. I’ve found that mindset is super important at the moment, regardless of whether you’re looking forward to something, you might as well pretend you are, to ensure the best possible experience! 

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