November lights

Whether you’ve been celebrating Diwali, enjoying Bonfire Night festivities, or even lamenting the darker evenings now that the clocks have gone back, I’m sure that light has, for many of you, been a recurring theme this week. I, for one, have been appreciating the sun on the cold November mornings, and can only hope that this continues. 

As light is often associated with hope, seeing light in its various forms this week has led me to reflect on the theme of hope; from prolonged periods of Covid restrictions to social injustice and climate inaction, there has been a lot to feel hopeless about in the last year. Most recently, seeing the amount of private jets used as transportation to and from the COP26 summit left me with a sense of despair, as it once again seemed that very few are taking the climate crisis seriously. Whilst it’s very easy to feel hopeless at times, there are, of course, many things to feel hopeful about; seeing protests to enact change, cooking dinner with flatmates, and enjoying Durham without Covid restrictions are just a few of the things that have made me feel hopeful this week.

Here are my editor’s picks for the week:

1. Bisexuality versus pansexuality – an ever changing debate? by Jasmine Allum

2. Review: Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ by Isobel Clark

3. Recipes to help you live your dream hygge lifestyle this winter by Kate Langton

4. Shellshock: a new understanding by Sally Holden

5. Review: Phoenix Theatre Company’s ‘Medea’ by Olivia Begley 


Featured image: Johan W S Svensson on Flickr with license

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