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Less than three weeks in to 2021 and all the revitalisation and motivation which comes with the start of a new year has already left me. I don’t even quite feel like I go to university anymore; studying English Literature I don’t have many contact hours to start with, and now at home without the library and general working environment, I feel like the summer holidays have started early. However, even if nothing else does, the crippling amount of academic work persists, while the university tries to convince us that there’s really no difference this year. But despite all this, our only option is to continue on, and pray for lenient markers.

If, like me you need a reminder that you are, in fact still at uni, reconnect through these article picks! This week, Isabella Briers recommends a series on BBC, while Lily Webber discusses the porn industry and Livia Dove-Woods reports on the new Durham university admissions report.


Winter Walks: find some calm by Isabella Briers

Image by Thomas Tolkien available on flickr.







Local art in the North East by Konstantina Votsika

Ruben Ramirez on Unsplash










Is the only way to fix the porn industry to scrap it and start again? By Lily Webber









Another lockdown, another banana bread by Anna Stringer








New approach needed to make university admissions fairer says Durham University report by Livia Dove-Woods

Image: Philippe Bout on Unsplash










Featured photo: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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