Local art in the North East

By having a look at the galleries and local art dealers in the North-East region of the UK we can see a wide range of choices and selections. In this article I will be discussing some familiar but also some not so known places when one can buy a piece of art or observe a jewellery workshop.

Durham Market Hall- https://durhammarkets.co.uk/

North East has been quite active in terms of creative activities, meet-ups, marketplaces and gallery exhibitions. If one is interested in attending such events, a short search on the Internet can reveal many local events and meet-ups—one of my favourite places to have to be the Durham Market Hall. There is a wide choice of artworks, vintage accessories, jewellery, and small sculptures during the weekends. Locals are very kind and always available for help and a short talk. Some locals also offer small cards hand-painted with landscapes around Durham. It is one of my favourite choices for family and friends’ gifts.


Grainger Market – https://newcastlegateshead.com/business-directory/shopping/grainger-market

Another exciting marketplace is in the Grainger Market, located in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Every week they have different themes held. During the first weekend of each month, they hold a notable artists and designers’ market. Creators sell their own handmade and recycled creations. The second weekend of the month, there is a local crafting market where even hobbyists sell their crafts to individuals. The third weekend is devoted to vintage clothes and accessories hosted by Alan Lewis. The last weekend of each month hosts creatives, artists, glassmakers and designers that live and work in the North East region. For the lovers of art, this market stands strong with its variety of thematic options every month.


Glamorous Owl – https://www.theglamorousowl.com/

Thirdly, the next choice is “The Glamorous Owl”. Glamorous Owl is located in Newcastle Upon Tyne and supports local artists’ work. Currently, they support over 40 artists. Along with the selling of works of art, they also hold rings workshops. They even have wedding rings workshops to design your wedding rings accompanied by your other half. I highly suggest a visit!


Old School Gallery – https://theoldschoolgallery.co.uk/

The Old School Gallery, located in Alnmouth, combines the idea of a nice getaway and an inspiring collection of affordable prints from creatives based in Northumberland. Currently, they host a gallery show of Clive Hicks-Jenkins which will be open until 21st January. His paintings allow people to go through a one of a kind creative process intertwined with animals and people. The main inspiration behind the images are legends, stories and medieval verses depicted in large paintings. A journey between printmaking, painting and drawing makes these paintings a multilayered journey of heroes, negative space and symbolism.


Mary Ann Rogers Gallery – https://www.marogers.com/

Located in Woodwestburn, Mary Ann Rogers Gallery is another hidden gem of the North East. Mary Rogers is an award-winning artist who has been opening her country house to individuals showcasing her home to potential buyers and art lovers. Her unique collection of works of art comprises over 60 unique art prints. Watercolour paintings, gift ideas and stationery a walk to this place will reward you. Usually, Mary Ann or her daughter will welcome you with a cup of tea or coffee. Apart from the exceptional collection of art, most visitors talk about window views quite pretty.

Ruben Ramirez on Unsplash

So, if you need a gift or take a break from your day, you can always visit some of these unique places. Since there are national restrictions, remember to be safe and arrange a visit when it feels better for travelling. In any case, I think it is vital to support our local community and artists, especially during such difficult times.

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