Durham in Autumn

The first few weeks of term are crucial for settling into Durham and academic life. Once that initial stress of finding your lecture locations, and navigating this new life for yourself, are over, now you can find the time to admire the true beauty of this wonderful city we are lucky enough to study in. 

Autumn has always been my favourite time of year in Durham. The crunchy leaves along the pavement make walking those steep hills more bearable. The crisp blue sky contrasting against the multicoloured trees, as they transition between life and death, will never fail to inspire awe. I find the chill in the air as the perfect representation of the watershed from a leisurely summer to an inspiring start to a new academic year. 

As you stressfully walk to the library hoping to find a seat in between your packed lecture schedule, take the time to romanticise this new year. Buy that hot drink from a café as a treat to cope with your workload stress. Layer a long coat over your outfit to protect yourself from the autumn chill. Admire the rowers on the river, as they idyllically drift past the golden and red trees. I truly believe there is nowhere more enchanting in autumn than Durham, so savour the magic of its beauty whilst you still can.  

Featured image: by K. Mitch Hodge from Unsplash.

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