Brexit is bad, Chad’s food is worse

December, 2018.

Damp and windy Durham isn’t starting to look a lot like Christmas quite yet and Brexit is set to be the hot topic of another cold winter.

The UK’s divorce deal has finally been agreed, yet Theresa May is far from being out of the woods. The House of Commons is alarmingly divided over May’s Brexit plan, which has been categorically dismissed by Tory MP David Amess as having a “distinct Remain flavour”. If the deal is voted down on December 11, the two mutually exclusive scenarios are either attempting renegotiations, in spite of Juncker’s warnings, or a no-deal Brexit.

As we all wait with bated breath for the new and hopefully final book of the Brexit saga, the editor’s picks of the week gently shift the attention from this all-engulfing never-ending political nightmare to other things in heaven and earth.


Becky LatchamNot-so-Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald Review

Becky Latcham reviews the 2nd (but it may as well be regarded as the 10th) chapter of another apparently never-ending saga, which – to some – is also utterly disappointing.


Emily KilnerHelping Children in Need at Christmas: 6 ways to Spread Christmas Cheer

‘Christmas won’t be Christmas without any present!’ is the opening line of Alcott’s beloved classic Little Women. For many children in need, Christmas this year may not be Christmas without your help. In this heartwarming article, Emily Kilner suggests 6 things that can be done “to make the festive season brighter for these children”.


Becky MingardThe ‘Morally Sound’ Woman: Sexism and Theresa May

“Would you say that about a male candidate?” If the answer is no, then don’t say it about a female one, as clearly explained by Becky Mingard.


Shoaib AhmedOpinion: the ‘Snowflake Generation’ of the 21stcentury?

Sensible or over-sensitive? In this opinion piece, Shoaib Ahmed explains why “we should ditch the term ‘snowflake’ entirely”.


James Griffiths-DylakReview – St Chad’s College

Spoiler: the food is bad.


I wish you love and plenty of chocolate throughout this Advent season – be kinder to one another,



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