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Now that exams are officially over, the rest of the summer term is a great chance to take some day trips! 

Here are my five top ideas for places to go – all accessible by trains and buses! 

First up, York – it’s not just great for the Christmas market trip! 

Second is Alnmouth – With its colourful houses, wildlife aplenty, and tranquil beach, Alnmouth sits within one of Northumberland’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and is defiantly worth the trip. 

Number three is kind of cheating, as it’s a great add on to Alnmouth, but Alnwick and the Castle! Otherwise known as Hogwarts, and great for Harry Potter fans. 

Number four, a personal favourite, Edinburgh. Just a fairly quick direct train up to Scotland’s capital. Great for the day, but also perfect to turn into a little trip, with overnight stays – there’s plenty to do for more than one day! 

And finally, escape the north east, and go to the north west – Manchester! Craving a bit of the city, but exhausted Newcastle – then this is perfect! 


And here are the Editor’s picks for the week – enjoy also! 

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Image credit: Matthias Schmutzer via the Bubble Google Drive 

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