The reason why being public about your donations may be a good thing

The reason why being public about your donations may be a good thing.

Charitable giving has often been presented as one of those things that should be kept on the down-low. Many famous individuals have been praised when it has been revealed that they donated millions of their money to charity without publicising the action. Many more just think that is the right thing to do. I’m distinctly thinking of Michael Jackson in this example. Following his death, one of his close friends revealed to the media that Jackson had donated large amounts of his wealth during his life, but didn’t want it known, even after his death. That wish was, obviously, not fulfilled. I’ve once had someone even tell me that if you tell people you have donated you’re essentially undoing all the good you have done with the donation in the first place.

There’s a general feeling of unease around publicly announcing your philanthropic pursuits, largely because individuals may feel as if they are showing off. The rise of social media and sites like GoFundMe, however, has shifted this dynamic. It’s a lot easier to share your activities and charitable actions without coming off as overbearing and even judgemental of other’s charitable life.

In this article, we’re going to explore the reasons why this may be beneficial, and why you should be more public about your donations.  


5 reasons you should tell people you donate to charity

    1. Giving is selfish

Often, giving money to charity is part of a larger desire for the donator to feel like they are doing something positive. Being able to share this feeling can actually help you prolong that process and motivate you to donate again.

     2. You give notice to the issue/charity

By sharing your own charitable efforts, you in turn highlight the charities you are giving to. It’s like free publicity for the charity! For charities that support lesser-knowns issues, it’s also a great way of highlighting the cause to people who were unaware of it previously.

     3. You could motivate others to donate to charity

When one person donates, it can set off a whole chain reaction of charitable giving among friends. When someone you know well and trust has donated to a charity they think worthy, you also think it’s a good cause to support.

    4. You could motivate others to donate for the first time

Sometimes people say they will donate but never get round to it. You telling them about the groups you support might just be the motivation they need to fully commit to donating for the first time.

     5.  It’s easier than ever

With the rise of social media, it has become increasingly easier to share your daily life. Charitable giving is just one of them. With the press of a button you can easily share a charity page or a donation link, or even create a fundraising activity.


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