As we settle into the first week of the university holidays, our editor asks: ‘what are you most grateful for?’

As many of us travel or have travelled home over the past week(s), I’m reminded of something which always seems to cross my mind during this time of the academic year – the privilege of being able to go home. For those, including myself who have the luxury of returning ‘home,’ many may not have somewhere to return, whether that’s a family home or just a safe space to spend  during the holidays. Across the world, annual holidays mean that many decide to spend this with loved ones and therefore travel to stay with them- but this year, maybe its simply not possible to go home- or maybe for some people this year isn’t that different from the last. cannot go home, do not have a (safe) home to return to or maybe have no home at all. So, I’m wondering, how do you practice gratitude in your day to day life? I’ve heard of people keeping journals, vocalising what it they’re thankful for you, reaching out to tell people they’re appreciated or having a moment of silence before enjoy that night’s dinner. These are all things I’ve done before but not so consistently and over the holidays I hope to perhaps make more of a routine of one of these habits- just like brushing your teeth every night/ morning, you probably wouldn’t think twice about whether or not to do that, so why not with this? So as I end my final editor’s note for 2020, I leave these questions with you: What are you most grateful for this year? What does home mean to you- is it a certain place, a group of people or something else?

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