Stars and Streets

“Is me or life the more tragic?”

Stars and Streets

I could feel my heart in my eyes,
Feel the fireworks on my retina;
Devouring each photon like it meant something,
Fixation the ephemeral moment.

I felt my heart in my mouth;
Choking each whispering breath.
Consumed entirely on the ideal
That everything I knew made sense.

A delusion, a shadow; a lie
As transient as life
As brief on my mind as on my eye
Forged and false; misconceptions.

How could each second last a hundred years,
How heart and neuron beat and fire in sync;
Reach across a lifespan to yours,
Becoming as one; complete.

And as you faded on the horopter,
The question; is me or life the more tragic?
Restrained, and a product of fate;
Under stars and streets smoking cigarettes

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