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Articles tagged “crime”

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Local cop’s latest weapon: a killer walking stick

Chief Insp Milne, who co-ordinated the amnesty, holds a walking stick capable of firing a round. It was supposedly used to kill dangerous snakes

A walking stick that can fire bullets, a pistol from World War One and a muzzle-loading shotgun are among Durham Constabulary’s most recent weapons acquisitions.

But thankfully they are not intended for police use, but were handed in by members of the public during a week-long amnesty in County Durham.

From 8 to 16 November, anyone handing in a firearm, ammunition or replica gun at a police station was spared prosecution for illegal possession. The amnesty …

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Curlew Man Vs Phantom Rah

A Durham Comic

A mysterious thieving rah is targeting Durham’s wealthy. Can a Yorkshire superhero with the powers of a curlew, a large wading bird of the sandpiper family, with a long down-curved bill, pick apart the mystery? Click centre of image for next panel, second part coming next week!

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Literary Inspirations: Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is the best-known crime writer in the English language

For Agatha Christie to be given the title of ‘Queen of Mystery’ by the end of her career not only verifies her prowess as an author, but surely makes her worthy of being deemed a literary hero.

It would be fair to say that when discussing the crime and mystery genre, it is impossible to not mention Agatha Christie. Her name is intrinsically linked to the genre, and alongside the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, her style has become a paradigm for future authors writing detective novels. Selling …

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Criminology students to be lectured at Her Majesty’s pleasure

HMP Durham, located in Old Elvet

Durham students will be taught criminology classes alongside offenders at two top security County Durham prisons in an initiative starting today (Wednesday 29 October).

This is not a punishment for stealing library books or previous indiscretions at Klute, but Europe’s first prisoner exchange programme, taking place at HMP Durham and HMP Frankland.

Inspired by the ‘Inside-Out’ programme developed by Temple University in Philadelphia – which has taught over 20,000 students – the project aims to break down prejudices and provide ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ students with a unique opportunity to study together behind the prison …

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0 comments | Tags: social sciences, criminology, criminals, @HMP Frankland, HMP Durham, rehabilitation, Justice, Education & Welfare, crime, studying, students, prisoners, education, Durham University

Life should be life, no matter who you kill

Does murder become a lesser crime when the victim is not a police officer?

In the penultimate week of July the Daily Mail, in its typically calm and restrained manner, branded two former Met Commissioners as traitors to ‘police heroes’ for opposing changes to the way murderers of police officers are sentenced. The former commissioners, Lords Condon and Blair, had raised objections to the proposed Criminal Justice and Courts Bill. Currently in committee stage in the House of Lords, whereby peers can suggest amendments, the bill aims to raise the starting point for police murderers’ sentences to whole life. No …

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1 comment | Tags: Police Reform and Society Bill, politics, crime, prison, murder, dystopia

The Appeal of Crime

Britain has long been captivated by the crime genre

How many crime novels have you read in recent years? If you’re anything like me, the answer is not many; but recently I was persuaded to pick up the habit again thanks to JK Rowling’s The Silkworm, and was reintroduced to the genre as a whole. It’s fantastic! The British, it seems, can’t get enough of crime fiction – from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to Agatha Christie, even the creation of the television cannot stop its relentless march. As my brother repeatedly informs me (normally with a rolled eye or …

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Police investigating Durham sex attack release images of “key witness”

A potential witness of the
sexual assault (image 1)

Police investigating a sexual assault on a young woman in Durham City last week have released images of a potential witness they are hoping to trace.

Detective Inspector Traci McNally, who is leading the investigation, said: “As part of this investigation I am keen to identify the man shown on the CCTV images.

“This is in order for him to be eliminated from our inquiries.

“Since the incident last week my team have been pursuing a number of lines of inquiry and the investigation is very much ongoing.”

A potential witness

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1 comment | Tags: sexual assault, police, crime, Durham

Work Experience in Journalism

Newspapers reach all parts of London

I had no idea what to expect before starting work experience at my local paper’s office in Hammersmith, West London. It was probably the most eye-opening work experience I have ever undertaken, and a daunting experience to say the least. As soon as I arrived I was given phone calls to make and a list of contacts with only three lines of details about the various stories. I was truly plunged into the deep end without a briefing or any initial guidance. However, this meant I learnt very quickly.

The paper was …

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Two Ways To Fend Off A Mugger

Do not under any circumstance attempt to enact either of these idiotic ideas. They’re stupid and you will get hurt

I’ve always been very lucky in the sense that I’ve never been mugged. Touch wood. I’m not sure how I’ve successfully avoided being mugged throughout my life. Maybe it’s because I go to the ‘second most crime-free’ university in England. Or perhaps it’s because at home I live in a village where the biggest drama of the past decade was when 5 kangaroos escaped from the local farm park. Also my country …

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Can we beat poachers by legalising the trade of rhino horn?

Rhinos pictured in Pilanesberg national park, just a few miles from Mankwe game reserve

I must admit that poaching wasn’t an issue I ever gave much thought: the main time it ever really pulled on my heart strings was during The Wild Thornberrys movie. Yes, during the film I was cheering for Eliza Thornberry and revolted by the evil presentation of the poachers as they took the adorable little cheetah cub. However, as shameful as it is to admit, it has taken a trip to a game reserve in South Africa for it to really hit home what some …

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