This too shall pass.

This too shall pass.

Every year, when exam season rocked around, my housemistress at school would read us a poem entitled ‘This Too Shall Pass’. The saying has always stuck with me- when walking to my first exam this week, feeling anxious and overwhelmed, I found myself reciting it in my head.


This too shall pass.

Our time at university is transient. At times like these, that seems like a blessing. We can blink, and our exams are no more. Sure, maybe I have to pull an all-nighter to revise right now, but I won’t even remember that in a few years’ time. All I’ll be left with is my grade- and that makes this short sacrifice worth it.

This too shall pass.

The hours of revision or pouring over summatives, the 7am alarm and the 8pm walk back from the library, the daily meal deals and vending machine coffee. All this will count for is an end-of-year grade. (Hopefully) a comfortable 2:1, something to put on the CV and further yourself. This is why you’re here right? This too, along with all the moments and the exams and the stress which now feels like a distant shadow, will pass.

Should we be alarmed to find comfort in the evanescence of our university years? Perhaps. Life is full of its struggles and stresses, but it can also be full of laughter and joy- and those moments, too, shall pass. Those moments might not stick with us in a concrete way- I doubt they’ll be engrained in our memory, or hold much consequential significance in the long run- but they get us through each day.

So in this stressful time of year, I would encourage everyone reading to truly live those moments. Seize a quick coffee break and catch up with a friend, read a poem that brings you peace, watch the Eurovision Song Contest. Go to a play or two, cook yourself a nice quick meal, situate yourself in the political climate around you. Most importantly, cherish those moments- because they too shall pass.

Huge thanks to our editors and contributors for taking the time to publish in this busy time of year. I’ve managed to sneak links to all of our editor’s picks above- but here they are listed anyway. Enjoy!


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