Rating post-breakup healing methods

What is the best way to heal from a breakup? Is it having rebound sex, eating tons of food, burning all their stuff or just plain old consuming alcohol while crying? The last method I used to recover from the end of my 2-year long relationship was to have rebound sex the next day, cry for a week and rant to my extremely supportive friends (I also watched all the 5 Twilight movies but that’s something I’m not very proud of). For this week’s article, we are going to be looking at the effectiveness of some common post-breakup healing methods. 

Cry and block them from all your socials

This classic move might help you have an emotional release but historically, has proven to be the least effective in the long term. All the effort you put in to keep your distance and not contact them goes down the drain once you drink too much and end up drunk-dialling them. The best way to combat this would be to hand over your phone every time you go out to a trusted friend after a decided time on the clock. 

Effectiveness rating: 2/10

Listen to sad music

This method can easily be quoted as a thorough emotional catharsis proving to be quite effective for people who had a deep and emotional or a very long relationship with their partner. Listening to sad songs can help individuals to better understand and process their emotions. At times, along with listening to music, singing too helps with the emotional release. Karaoke has been proven to be a viable option for people following this method.

Effectiveness rating: 5/10

Party it up!

Based on an individuals preferences, this option includes multiple methods such as rebound sex, clubbing, a girls/guys night, and a holiday. If you have a group of supportive friends and the financial bandwidth, this is a good option as it allows you to re-discover yourself while also providing a distraction. It also can act as both an emotional and physical release meanwhile helping you in engage in activities that help you feel joyous. 

Effectiveness rating: 8/10 

Burn/Throw their stuff

This option is mostly used by individuals when their partner commits a “relationship crime” such as cheating or have been in abusive relationships. Some might consider this as an extreme action but the emotional release by burning or throwing their partner’s stuff has proven to be therapeutic. For individuals that go through which this option, it acts as a metaphor of throwing/burning their partners away from their lives. 

Effectiveness rating: 7/10

Binge eating

Even though this option tastes very well, it can prove to be dangerous as it may cause an eating disorder or a disease. While going through this method, one should be mindful of their consumption and try to pair it up with exercise. The combination of eating and exercise can provide the person with a healthier lifestyle and help them divert their energy from binge eating to exercising even in the form of long walks. 

Effectiveness rating: 4/10

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