Splurge or Splash?

Living away from home and being in charge of your shopping for the first time can seem overwhelming, especially if you are on a tight budget. We have collected some advice from fellow students about how to make the most of your budget and still get what you like.

Millie, 3rd year

“Splurge on good butter. You use it in such small amounts at a time that a tub of Countrylife spreadable goes a long way”

“I thought no supermarket brand cheddar could compare to brands like Cathedral city, but you can’t even tell the difference between the expensive stuff and the Tesco Everyday Value, especially when they’re grated on a spag bol”

Adriana, 3rd year

“Buying a whole chicken might seem excessive but they are about £3.50 and it makes about 4-5 meals”

“It is definitely worth splashing out on tahini paste because it is great for making sauces and dressings that go with anything”


Aaliyah, 3rd year

“I bulk buy grains and pulses because it doesn’t affect the taste but fresh produce like veg tastes like water if it is super cheap or frozen, so it’s worth splurging on and buying them fresh”

Martin, 3rd year

“Tesco value peanut butter is exactly the same as the branded stuff, so definitely save on that, but I would always spend a little bit more on bread because I think that is definitely worth it”


Spike, 2nd year

“Buy cheap carbs to bulk out your meals, but if you want meat, I think it is worth splurging on good quality stuff – they taste better and last longer”

Georgia, 3rd year

“It’s not worth splurging on milk, because there is no taste difference between organic and non-organic. Definitely splurge one ice cream because own brand doesn’t compare in any way to Ben and Jerry’s”


Liv, 2nd year

“Even if you are a meat eater, at uni it can be cheaper to substitute meat for beans and pulses. I tend to splash out on chocolate!”

Victoria, 4th year

“Splurge on coffee – the cheap stuff just doesn’t taste as good”


Amy, 3rd year

“I splash out on fresh herbs and frozen peas because even if the other ingredients you’re using are from the freezer or store cupboard you still get a fresh taste. I would also splash out on chorizo or bacon lardons because a small amount can add a lot of flavour and depth” 

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