One Chocolate Banana Chip Cookie

One cookie made in a mug..

This cookie is perfect if you want something sweet but don’t want to eat a whole ton of food. A cheeky revision snack.


1 large knob of butter

1/2 pudding spoon brown sugar

1 pudding spoon caster sugar

1 tsp golden syrup

1.5 pudding spoons self raising flour

About 8 dried banana chips (the kind you find in upmarket cereal)

A large teaspoon chocolate spread


Pop the butter in a mug and heat it until it is starting to melt. Add the sugar and beat with a fork until is has gone paste-y. Add the syrup. Mix. Add the flour and mix. It should be the consistency of a slightly dry cake mix and should stick to your hands. Stir in the banana chips and the chocolate spread.

Line a baking tin with baking paper and dollop the mix on. Start to flatten it with your hands and then fold some of the baking paper over and flatten it with that (so your hands do not get sticky). It should be about half a centimetre thick(ish).

Cook at 200 for 8 mins.

It will come out slightly soft but will harden up if you pop it outside to cool for about five minutes.

Best served warm with a glass of milk!

For the original recipe visit: The Barking Baking website.

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