All-American Baking

It was Thanksgiving Day on Thursday and, as you can imagine, this inspired a flurry of activity in the Barking Baking kitchen! I was sadly unable to get my hands on a pumpkin this week but I feel that we have made up for it with some pretty amazing American dishes.

Apple Pie

Apple pie has been voted one of America’s favourite puddings. You can see why. It tastes just fantastic and the smell is gorgeous. Plus, it is really easy to bake. Do not be tempted to omit the cinnamon and sultanas; they give it a real kick! I suggest you eat this with loads of cream or ice cream.

We had this as one of our puddings for our Thanksgiving Dinner. You could make the pastry but to be honest if you are short of time then this is just as satisfying and much quicker.


In my mind, nothing says American baking more than doughnuts. Whilst I am a massive fan of places like Krispy Kreme (who isn’t?!), I must say I am very much partial to a good jam doughnut. The only challenge with this one is that you have to deep fry them. This, however, is not actually as hard as you think (and is a lot of fun) so give it a go; do be careful though – it can be easy to set the smoke alarm off!

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