Winter is coming but style isn’t going anywhere!

Most of us at this time of year, will be bundling up, and basically wearing as many clothes as we can get our hands on. Yet, layering for the winter months can be some of the most flattering things to do, and doing the most important thing of keeping us warm!

Turtlenecks- friend or foe?

I am an avid wearer of turtle necks in the winter months, I believe that they are a staple of any person’s winter wardrobe and can flatter any body type. When the weather cools slightly, you can wear them on their own with pretty much anything and a coat thrown over it to finish the look. But, as it gets colder you can put a T-shirt over the top of it, tuck them into some jeans, winter boots and a coat, having a warmer yet still chic look. When it gets to the sub-zero temperatures (as it does quite often in Durham!) my outfit of choice is a turtleneck, a thick jumper, jeans, a good pair of Dr Martens and a big coat. Don’t let the idea of turtlenecks put you off, in the winter months, I believe this item should be a staple of every person’s wardrobe. I’ve just bought a H&M white turtleneck that works very well under lots of patterns, to tone it down and add some neutrality.

Bringing summer into winter

When cold weather strikes, most of us may want to just run and hide. However, skirts and dresses are always beautiful if you choose to wear them, and can be layered up, for the most classic and elegant winter looks. As above, turtlenecks can be put on under anything- I like a turtleneck, under a maxi dress, some tights and a leather jacket. If you want a slightly more figure accentuating option- a belt over the top always does the trick to accentuate waists! A fashionable choice, yet a warm one. Autumnal colours and skirts go so well together, so fear of the cold should not have us running from them. Obviously, a good pair of tights works with pretty much any skirt if styled correctly (my favourite pairs are from Primark!). One of my friends, styles skirts in the winter months so effortlessly, she tends to wear a skirt, some thick tights, a turtleneck, a big jumper tucked in, and a pair of boots. Just because it’s cold, does not mean we have to run from staples in our summer wardrobe like skirts and dresses. This can also help you to stop spending and incorporate some sustainability into your wardrobe! Tights, Turtlenecks and big jumpers are the dream combination to make any skirt or dress a winter outfit.

Boots, Boots & Boots

Shoes in the winter months, are almost the most important clothing accessory. When the ground gets cold and icy, the last thing you want to do is ruin an outfit that is almost perfect by wearing shoes that make you slip over and hurt yourself. I am, if you did not guess from above, a lover of Dr Martens boots and shoes they effortlessly go with pretty much any outfit, creating another layer to your ensemble but also in my case (being very clumsy) a grounding and stable service. However, Dr Martens do have a steep price point and so there are some alternatives that you could go for, just for this winter season. There is nothing wrong with finding dupes, however, you must be prepared that they probably won’t last as long but will fulfil the purpose just as well. Starting with Docs though, I wear the Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boot, which even though they weigh an absolute ton, are so comfortable and compliment pretty much every outfit. One good alternative though is the RAID Brazen chunky biker boot, which can be found on ASOS, which look amazing, yet boast all the similar features to what Dr Martens do, yet, for a drastically lower price point. You could also go for the second-hand boots root! Pull up your sleeves and rifle through those second-hand websites to get some bargain expensive boots for a much more affordable price point. Boots are my ideal footwear for the winter months, they boast comfort, style and grip, perfect for the clumsy people!

Warmth over Fashion?

I always seem to be at war with winter accessories, hats, especially. I like the look of them, and when styled with boots, some jeans, a turtleneck, a big jumper and a nice trench coat, it completes the winter look. Yet, I just always seem to find them too itchy and pull it off immediately. We can’t forget the dreaded hat hair as well! I always seem to be in a cycle of do I want my ears to freeze or my head to itch and my hair to get messed up? Woolly hats are my main enemy when it comes to the head itching, so as an alternative a baker boy hat (similar to what Taylor Swift wears on the regular!) is a good solution. You get the stylish accent to your outfit, no head itching AND some protection from the cold. Granted, not as much as a woolly hat, but then again, some is better than none. It can be paired with pretty much every outfit during the autumn and winter months and adds another dynamic level to your outfit! The second winter accessory that is important is a good scarf! Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the tiny scarf trend, and in fact, I actually love the opposite, a massive snuggly scarf! There are so many ways that it can be worn, just thrown around your neck for that tiny bit of warmth, paired with a good coat, or wrapped around as many times as you like, so you basically have a sauna! I tend to favour a more neutral coloured scarf that goes with everything, however, powder blues and sage greens also compliment the darker autumnal colours well. Scarves are also an affordable way of changing up an outfit, with a couple of different coloured scarves, you can alter the same outfit, over and over, all the while, looking fabulous. There are some great examples of affordable scarves out there on the market, ASOS is always a great place to start.

So as the days get colder and darker, do not retreat into your wardrobe and wait till spring to come out again! Layers, boots and the right accessories are always there to make sure you are warm throughout the winter months but are also living your best and fashionable life!

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