Coats, Coats and a Gilet!

As it’s getting colder it’s almost essential that whenever you venture out, you wrap up extremely warm. Especially in Durham! There are so many fun coats out there, so warmth does not have to lead to lack of style. Gilets are also becoming a staple fashion item, that aren’t just for farmers. You can find reasonably priced ones all over the internet.  I also find it is best to spend slightly more on coats, because they are your main level of protection from the elements, it is always best to get a decent one. But, they don’t have to be ridiculous, I’m truly an advocate for not spending millions on clothes, but because clothes are expensive, there are other ways around it. 

Gilets are becoming the new fashion staple and I have bought one already. I spent around fifty pounds on a light blue puffer gilet from Urban Outfitters and it has become my new favourite clothing item. It goes with literally everything, even though it is light blue. I have worn it so many times that it is worth every single penny. Gilets are truly the best, and you can always layer loads of jumpers underneath, to make sure you stay warm, whilst keeping your core all snuggly.  There are gilets on the different ends of the price spectrum for every different kind of style. My gilet is probably on the cheaper end coat wise and it is the best, but there are more expensive ones out there and some cheaper ones too! When thinking about buying a coat or jacket or gilet make sure the colour goes with all of your clothes so you don’t restrict it to one outfit and then a bigger price is more justified. 

But, if you prefer coats then there is something for everyone. For warmth, I choose a long puffer jacket. It’s so warm and it’s white so it goes with everything. I appreciate that coats can be super expensive, but as we know I love a charity shop, I’m sure there will be amazing coats in there, for a more friendly amount of money. Also, vinted and depop are always good places to look. Don’t forget about Ebay either. There are all of these great places, so there is no excuse to be cold this winter! I encourage you to shop at these locations, because you help the people who need it and you stop the wastage of the fashion industry, one coat at a time!

Coats are also an essential if you choose to go out late. I choose a leather jacket that I got from my Uncle who was a rockstar in the 1980s and therefore it is a very vintage jacket. Leather and denim jackets should be staples of everyone’s wardrobe. You can wear them in most weather and they are good for going out because they don’t ruin your outfit. If you choose to go clubbing you can also take them off and tie them around your waist or shoulders and they aren’t too heavy and get in the way. This was always my problem with going out in the winter, but they are pretty easy, and some clubs have cloakrooms which are even better.

There are coats for pretty much anything. I received a posh camel coat for my birthday one year and it truly has lasted for years, and they never go out of fashion. You can wear long camel coats with pretty much any colour, although they compliment black and red very well. They are especially good for autumn weather because you can always wrap up with a scarf or cool off by wearing a short-sleeved top!

I know, it seems pretty self-explanatory, but coats are the most important thing in your wardrobe, not just for warmth but for never ending style. But, gilets are slowly becoming one of my favourite pieces of clothing and I think throughout 2022 they will only gain popularity. 


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