Britain – a country dressed in black

Did you know there are an infinite number of colours? Looking around Britain in autumn/winter it would be hard to believe that.  The swarm of black clothing when you walk down the street almost appears to be an abyss in which there is no escape. An all-black ensemble can look ‘chic’ and ‘minimalistic’, but it can also be a faux-pas.  Fashion is a wonderful creative outlook in order to express yourself and display art to the world every day, an amazing opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted on all-black until June! Here are some alternatives in which you can stay warm and express yourself:

The importance of coats:

Coats are truly the best part of autumn/winter.  If you have a fashionable coat, you look put together effortlessly. Finding which style of coat is best is subjective: a coat that has a belt is perfect for an hourglass figure, as it accentuates your curves and almost has a corset effect on the waist. If you want to create the illusion of longer legs then a three-quarter length coat that sits just above the knee is really flattering at elongating your body. Once you have found the style to best flatter your body-type, the next step is finding a colour.  Everyone should have a signature colour: if you have a darker complexion then you should explore more vibrant colours, if you have a cool-toned skin tone opt for cool-toned colours such as white over cream, or beige over chocolate brown; the opposite is also true for warm-toned skin tones. If you are in any doubt then a trench coat will never not be in fashion – their rise of popularity is credited to Burberry, however the benefit of a timeless and universal fashion item is that a multitude of brands create their own versions in an array of colours, so it really is accessible for everyone. 

An array of jumpers:

The secret to exploring different patterns, textures, and colours is through the world of jumpers.  Now we have an array of novelty Christmas jumpers, knitted wool jumpers for cosy library days, and cashmere for glamourous brunch dates.  Wearing a black jumper truly does seem like a waste of potential when shops have bursting rainbows on their racks waiting for us to appreciate them.  Wearing colour does not have to be bold or adventurous. Pastels constantly come into trend and I firmly believe it is becoming just as classic as a neutral wardrobe palette.  However, neutrals are important and a really well-made rich brown cashmere jumper, paired with a neutral trench coat and cream-coloured trousers with heeled boots exudes elegance, class, and style – without dressing like everyone else in all black! 


Perhaps the second easiest way of breaking up your outfit (next to coats) is through your accessories.  A handbag is something I have to carry with me everywhere I go and it’s a really functional way of further demonstrating your style: by choosing a colour or style that best suits your lifestyle. Whether you’re running late to meet a friend, needing to transport a million books with you, or you are going on a leisurely shopping trip – there is a tote bag, backpack, clutch bag and everything in between for you. If all-black clothing is your comfort-zone, then having a different colour bag can express elements of your personality and be your statement piece. 

In a country where our weather is constantly gloomy, dark and dull, your outfit certainly does not have to be! 

Featured image: Andrew Leahey on Flickr with license

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