The Oscars in a Nutshell

The Oscars are in here.

For those who don’t have the time/don’t care enough to watch the full ceremony here are the highlights, and by highlights I mean 6 things about the Oscars that differentiated slightly from last year’s ceremony.

1. People expected to win, won

Everyone knew it was going to be Eddie Redmayne, come on.

2. 97% White People Were There and Won.

This is not surprising; this is the Oscars.

3. White people saying bad things

Check out Fashion Police (aka. the worst of humanity) who won the ‘Best Racist Statement’ this year for comments about Zendaya Coleman’s hair.

4. John Travolta reminding us that Grease was a really long time ago

The man is waaaaaaaay past his prime, and is now, at best, the creepy uncle of the Oscars.

5. Speeches to watch out for:

Graham Moore’s ‘Stay Different’ acceptance for Best Screenplay. Patricia Arquette’s acceptance for Best Supporting Actress; not for the content of the speech – which to me could have done with some redrafts – but solely for Meryl Streep’s reaction.

6. No Mani-cam

The tiny catwalk for the nails of the rich and famous has gone. Shocker.

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