Lola Gets a Cold

Lola wasn’t feeling very well.

One day, Lola got all sniffly and started sneezing!

‘I bet I have a cold like Auntie has, I’d better tell her’ thought Lola.

Lola’s Auntie lived in West Africa and was also a bit poorly.

‘I am a bit poorly, Auntie’ said Lola.

‘I am a bit poorly too, Lola’ said Auntie.

‘Do you have a cold as well, Auntie?’

‘…Probably not, Lola’ said Auntie.

‘I miss you Auntie, I wish I could make you better!’ said Lola.

‘I miss you too, Lola’ said Auntie.

‘I wish I could reach out and touch you, Auntie’ said Lola.

‘I wish I could give you a big kiss of love, Lola’ said Auntie.

‘I wish I could spread a smile of joy to you, Auntie’ said Lola

‘I wish I could throw my arms around you, Lola’ said Auntie

‘I wish I could see you at Christmas time, Auntie’ said Lola

‘Is it December already?’ asked Auntie

‘Yes, silly Auntie, do you know it’s Christmas time at all?’ said Lola scathingly, trying to be sympathetic but unintentionally failing due her white savior complex and limited understanding of Africa as a continent.

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